Retec - Network technology

We are a community of business

composed of 62 technology

expert companies

We are a business community composed of 62 technology expert companies

Technology Business Group

We are a business community linked to technology, consumer, government and business with presence in Argentina since 2009.

As specialists in pre-sales, sales and post-sales of technology, we are the regional strategic partner necessary to boost your business.

Gradual Growth

Strategic Alliances


National Coverage

Why choose us?

We are present in 66 locations in more than 120 points sales all over the country, representing major brands industry and offering 10,000 products in our catalog.

We provide expertise and custom solutions in technology to meet the needs of our clients in diverse industries.

We add value to each and every one of our associates by an operational team in planning, analysis, purchasing and administration.

We provide expertise and custom solutions in technology to meet the needs of our clients in diverse industries

Our services

We provide expertise and custom solutions in technology to meet the needs of our clients in diverse industries





What is RETEC for our PARTNERS?

Roberto Wagner
Roberto Wagner - Olanet SRL
Joining RETEC has allowed us to make a leap in growth. Achieving a more fluid relationship with suppliers, accessing better purchasing prices.
We also found a great human group that motivates mutual collaboration. A before and an after...
Paul Lang
Pablo Lang - Lang Tecnología
RETEC came at a turning point in our company.
Together with Retec and its suppliers, our growth is steady and constant, but what stands out most in the Group is the human quality, daily work, solidarity and cooperativism of our associates.
Raul Perez
Raúl Perez - Tecnograf
RETEC allowed us to grow in the area of computer science; in addition to improving the shopping allowed us to have up to date information on products, trends, and knowledge shared by all members of the network, which generates benefits for the individual and group level.
Andres Bignotti
Andrés Bignotti - Servilaser
Since we joined RETEC we've evolved in to get closer to brands and distributors, to grow as a local company, and as a Group in a human environment and professional, which leads to a constant growth.
David Morales
David Morales - Puerto Digital
Having joined RETEC we added a lot of benefits to our company, gave us the opportunity to meet with different companies all over the country, realities and business models that we were helping to grow our trade.
Sebastian Ghertner
Sebastián Ghertner - Insumos Acuario
RETEC is a purchasing group that was formed more than 10 years ago and gives local companies of different sizes the opportunity to buy together.
Personally, it was a great change in my company because it gave me access to an extensive portfolio of distributors and business opportunities for both importing and local purchasing.
Paul Penzi
Pablo Penzi - Solo Insumos
We are very happy to have joined RETEC, it has been a great decision since we have achieved more and better alliances with suppliers and joint operations.
It is worth highlighting the cooperative spirit of the Group and the professionalism of the team that carries out all the steps.
Diego Milner
Diego Milner - Array SRL
We joined mainly with the intention of getting more variety of products but at the same time we managed to have a closer relationship with the brands and distributors.
Since we are part of the Group, we have a good road map of how technologies are going to advance, what the incoming goods are like, that is, to decide whether to buy a product or not.

The largest technology community in the country.

We have more than 60 associated companies throughout the country, more than 250 IT experts specializing in pre-sale, sale and post-sale of technology.

We work with the best brands